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What People Are Saying:

I had been struggling with a pretty debilitating knee injury for over a year. Shane provided a plan that was evidence-based and super-specific to my presentation. His attention to detail and constant encouragement enabled me to build the mental and physical strength I needed to get back on the road. Thanks to the habitual changes he recommended, I was road-running 20k pain-free by the end of lockdown, which felt like an absolute miracle. The experience left me feeling well-educated on how to keep my knees in one piece going forward. Muchos gracias!


The main thing I can take away from working with Evan is how much I actually learned from him, and the good habits I’ve now developed as a result. My sleep has improved massively, I have so much more energy and I feel an awful lot healthier than I did back in January, not to mention the noticeable weight loss! He is always only a message away if you have any questions or need any extra advice – and the amount of effort he puts into researching, educating himself and giving you the most well informed, evidence-based and personally tailored advice is second to none!! I honestly couldn’t recommend him more.


Evan has not only helped me with my race day nutrition but has completely changed the way I look at food and has helped me build a really healthy relationship with food for long term health. I can’t recommend him enough!


Before I went to Evan, I was consistently being burnt out and had no idea how to fuel my body as a gym instructor. Eight weeks later, I am healthy and living my best life. I can now fuel my 5.45 am shifts, my sleep has 100% improved and I am no longer focused on the numbers. Evan was such a positive influence throughout this process, he was there to answer any questions I had and he guided me through every stage of this incredible journey. We were a phenomenal team and we worked together to hit all my goals, whether it be in the studio, on the gym floor or outside on the roads. He nailed my nutrition and has given me the knowledge that I will have for the rest of my life. I’m so grateful for everything and I’m sure there is much more to come!


Before working with Evan, I was under-fuelling for my training, and I was getting frustrated as to why I wasn’t progressing despite putting in the hours and hours of training. I was also trying to get my diet ‘perfect’ all of the time, my relationship with food was poor, viewing foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and it was becoming mentally draining. Thankfully, Evan has helped me make this a thing of the past. He has taught me the importance of fuelling for the work required and consequently both my performance and my recovery has significantly improved, enabling me to keep building on my training week on week and keep moving the needle forward. Evan has also helped me with my race day nutrition, which is something that I never really practised enough or felt overly confident with, previously. Evan is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things nutrition, constantly learning and keeping up to date with the latest evidence. His ‘nail the basics and don’t over-complicate it’ approach to nutrition is great. Evan is extremely dedicated to what he does and has a serious work ethic. He is very generous with his time and really listens to you and what you want to achieve/improve on, and takes all external factors into account when working with you to help you achieve these goals. I couldn’t recommend Evan enough.


Having a coach is great. Having Shane as a coach is so much more! Where I could easily have gone off on some Everesting campaign during lockdown or even given up on training Shane has helped me stay on course and remain focused over the last 6 months. He understands my busy life and lays out a training plan that is not only workable for me but also interesting and progressive. I have absolute faith that by having Shane on board, not only will I achieve my goals but will enjoy the journey and ultimately grow as an athlete!


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